Yana Bojilova Norman

Yana Norman is a family nurse practitioner with an 11-year of clinical experience in emergency medicine. She is passionate about treating mental health and is interested in psychedelic-assisted therapy. At Evolve, Yana works closely with our mental health patients, providing support, encouragement, and clinical expertise. Yana believes that within every individual there is an intuitive intelligence that can guide them through the healing journey. Her passion is to see people get better, especially when they have suffered from depression for years without relief. She has found that ketamine has the power to change people’s lives and is excited to be on this path to healing. As we enter the “psychedelic renaissance”, Yana is excited about the future emerging treatments for mental illness, especially treatment-resistant depression. She brings compassion, kindness, empathy, and clinical experience to her role at Evolve. When not at work, Yana enjoys traveling, reading, paddle boarding, and snuggling with her Goldendoodle Shasta. She enjoys learning foreign languages, cooking new recipes, and of course eating them!
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