MaryEllen Parker


As a Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, Maryellen has served patients of all ages and various diagnoses throughout the years. No matter the medical specialty, mental health has remained an important thread in her holistic, individualized approach to patient care. Maryellen takes pride in her ability to not only connect with individuals but also her capacity to understand them and the empathy to meet them where they are. Most importantly, Maryellen has the desire to provide a safe space where her patients feel comfortable and secure. With the use of evidence-based treatments, such as Spravato and ketamine, Maryellen enjoys helping each one of her patients pave their path to recovery and achieve a full and satisfying life.

Personally, Maryellen’s favorite time of year is the summer when she can enjoy the warmth and wonder of the great outdoors with her wild and curious children and partner. She loves good barbeque, live music, and the sounds of the ocean. Maryellen is also a passionate advocate of child abuse prevention and feeding the hungry in her community, through her engagement with local non-profits.

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